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Endodontics is one of the most widely used treatments in dentistry, and its purpose is to save any tooth that is considered dead, diseased, or damaged.

Although other factors can lead to this situation, the truth is that the presence of deep cavities primarily causes this problem.

We have options

Endodontics or root canal treatment consists of the total or partial removal of the damaged pulp of a tooth and the sealing of the pulp canal.

Tooth extraction will depend on the damage a cavity has caused, and porcelain dental crowns are an excellent alternative for natural-looking prosthetics.

Other reasons you may require an endodontic procedure are injuries or trauma in the teeth, fractures, and other pathologies surrounding the tooth canal.


This treatment is mostly non-invasive if we preserve the original tooth.


Most insurance plans cover it.


Healthy teeth lead to a beautiful smile.


With a good oral hygiene routine, you can prevent cavities in the future.

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Abelardo L Rodriguez #2916-D, Zona Rio, Tijuana BC

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